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1. 25+ years of Occupational Therapy experience (including 15 years as a Pediatric OT in NJ schools)
2. Specialist in executive functioning, cognition, sensory processing and fine motor skills
3. Extensive experience with auditory processing, sensory integration, ADD/ADHD, Autism and much more
4. ONLINE and IN-PERSON sessions in Northern NJ
5. Unlike many clinics, you’ll learn practical & proven techniques to build  skills at home
6. Glowing recommendations 
7. Individualized treatment plans
8. Advanced cognitive assessments and proven methods (based on scientific principles validated for 25+ years)
9. Certified in Occupational Therapy (NBCOT) and licensed in NJ
10. Passion and care from a mother of three who has “been there”
11. FREE consultation: call 862-223-8076

“Ms. Yifat has such an amazing presence that even in a virtual situation our son was so engaged and excited to interact with her. Highly recommend for not only her well thought out programming, but also as a thought partner for addressing OT issues and concerns.”


Yifat Kedar, OTR/L

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How True Abilities Helps Parents and Caregivers

OT clinics can help but what about when you or your child are not in the clinic? With True Abillities, in addition to in-depth treatment sessions, you’ll get practical, proven techniques you can do at home to reinforce therapeutic learning and strategies. 

How True Abilities Helps Parents and Caregivers

  • Learn how to actively participate in your OT sessions and beyond.
  • Keep building skills in-between OT sessions.
  • Learn practical ways to develop skills at home based on your unique needs. (Techniques and activities using items already in your home).
  • Get coaching on WHEN and HOW to implement skill building activities.
  • Get explanations about recommended OT techniques and WHY they will help.

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My true ability is tapping into and developing super powers.

           – Yifat Kedar, OTR/L
            Owner, True Abilities 

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