Pod Learning Support

Many families have set up “learning pods” so their children can learn at home in small, in-person groups with the help of an in-person tutor or teacher. To support these students (and other homeschooled children), I provide engaging and fun group sessions that help improve student focus and attention while also improving their:

  • Movement and coordination skills
  • Sensory skills
  • Auditory skills
  • Fine motor skills

Sessions can be done weekly or semi-weekly and are based on my 20+ years of experience with preK-8 students in public schools. Individual and/or group sensory based experiences and strategies are designed to help your child:

  • Attend to virtual lessons for longer periods of time
  • Stay focused on and complete learning tasks
  • Have an environment more conducive to learning
  • Adjust to transitions with remote or hybrid learning

If you’re a parent or teacher engaged in pod learning, contact me to discuss how to support your students with pediatric OT, and feel free to see my many recommendations from parents.